What, or WHO, is Chi Chi Machi!

Chi Chi Machi is a confident young mom who isn't ready to be in a style rut.  She's chick with class, sass, and maybe a little ass (hey, having kids does that to you).  She's a gal who's constantly on the go, but will never let you see her (in) sweat(s).  She's all about re-working what she's already got in her closet, and finding great deals to add more.  She's me!  Lani! 

My husband calls me Chi Chi Machi as a nickname, but he tends to say it most when I look my most pulled together.  We, as moms, have busy schedules and appointments to keep, and I just don't feel like we need to do them in our pajamas or our sweats just to keep up.  Yes we're busy, but we're proud...of our kids, of our family, of our jobs and homes...so let's show the world how proud we are of ourselves!  It's not hard to get a little style into your wardrobe...we've all get a little Chi Chi Machi in all of us!  Hopefully I can share with you guys that having a classy "mom uniform" is easy, inexpensive, AND can be comfortable but still show the world that we don't lose our fashion sense just because we became moms! 

You wanna know a little more about me personally?  No? Well then stop reading here.  I'm a Cali girl born and raised (mostly) who met the love of her life in Vegas and got magically whisked away to...New Jersey!  A marriage and a couple wiley boys later( Hunter 3, and Jagger 18 months), I'm learning how to adapt my California style to the hot, sweaty summers and cold, bitter winter's of the east coast!  And I'm learning how to dress for a mom's world, meaning no more 5 inch stilettos on a daily basis, and no more dropping cash on a trendy piece just because.  I know there are mom's our there that rock those heels and more power to them!  But my kids don't allow for that to happen....unless of course I DON'T want to run after them as they sprint into the street, or keep them tightly strapped in strollers....but I'd rather just rock an awesome pair of flats or sassy boots and have my children stay safe.  See...stilettos are dangerous on SO many levels! And trust, when the husband and I get out on a date, you best be believin' I dress to the nine's.  But for everyday...it's just stylish casual, y'all! That's just me, though.  So if you're a busy mom on the go, who loves fashion, being casual and saving a buck (or more!), AND who still appreciates all things stylish and pretty, hopefully this is a blog you can enjoy!  MWAH!

Chi Chi Machi