Monday, April 16, 2012

Modern Day Hippie

Saturday night my neighbors through me a birthday party.  Well...not just me.  We have a group of 3 couples that we love, and coincidentally, 2 people have birthdays within days of each other.  So we get together 3 times to celebrate that duos I losing you? Possibly.  But anyway, it's always a fun get together with drinks, and food and games.  My birthday rocks because it's held at my next door neighbors house, so we never need to find a sitter, we just bring the monitors over to there house.  No seriously...look

I don't even plan to wear shoes over there ever since it takes about 7 steps to get inside their door...where I take my shoes off.  So in order to enjoy a totally relaxing and fun night...I wore a totally relaxing and fun outfit!  It was perfect for loads of eating, drinking, laughing, and celebrating!

You ever feel pretty good about your outfit...and you start getting stupid and silly?  That's fair warning for the remainder of these pictures...

The Deets: 
Tank: Target
Shirt: Target
Jeans: H&M
Leather Bracelet: Target
Watch: D&G
Beaded Bracelet: Gift


  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday! How convenient too that you only had to walk next door :) I love all the photos of you being silly...they're so fun!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Nice Photos!
    Love the blouse you wore in your birthday!

  3. crack me up. Your photos are seriously "instant smile makers" for me :)
    And love that your wearing a floral top here! It's the next "Trend of the Month Challenge" So yay!
    Happy Tuesday friend!
    XO - Marion

  4. Awesome pictures! I like your comfy and colorful floral top.