Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mellow Yello

You know that post title has been used a gazillion times.

AHHH.....what a week (or 2) off won't do for the soul right?  Craig and I just had the best weekend away and we came back all rejuvinated and motivated and ready to rock!  It probably helped that we went without the kids to end up in that position.  Vacations with kids are just doing the same thing you do everyday but in a different location. I am...back to reality...participating in a yellow trend challenge put on by my girl Marion, and trying to wrangle kids while having a productive day.  Should I say something about yellow? Hm...besides the fact that it's one of my favorite colors and I always seem to gravitate towards it.  It seems my boys seem to gravitate towards it too, based on this photo shoot.  Is there a color that repels children?  I'd do that color challenge everyday, Ms. Marion!  Well every other day....maybe just on the days that they are climbing on me. Oh and I was trying to do a natural, beachy, thing with my hair and makeup...but this is kinda what I look like just waking up.  #hairmakeupfail.

Happy hump day, y'all!


  1. Love the yellow striped top! Fun and casual, ideal for the hot summer days!
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  2. How cute that you and your son are wearing matching yellow! And I don't think you're haivng a bad hair/makeup look so pretty!

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  3. First off, when I chose yellow for this challenge, I immediately thought of you and how yellow seemed to be a good color for your personality (love your humor +sarcasm). So I'm so glad you linked up! Loving the yellow stripes on you and I seriously laughed out loud at the photos with your little ones. Too cute!!
    Hope you are doing well friend!!