Monday, February 20, 2012

Aqua Adoration!

This weekend was full of projects and painting and sneaking out to garage sales and marathon training.  It really was quite a jam packed week.  Craig and I are in the midst of remodeling our bedroom, and we are painting it a glorious teal color...much like this photo that I showed you before:

aqua walls

Ooo...I just love that aqua!! after a full night of painting, and then training for my marathon the next day...I could barely MOVE Sunday night.  I decided to take a cue from my adorable aqua color and give my tired hands a little pampering.  I totally would have done my toes, too...but I couldn't reach them.  Too sore.  I had picked up this color not to long ago...probably around the same time I found this picture.

SO fun!  I'm really glad I could muster up the energy to slap this on.  Please don't mind my horrible cuticles...running in the cold and doing DIY projects really takes it out of your hands.  But...I'm totally inspired by this aqua...and it gets me even more in the mood for spring!  COME ON WARM WEATHER!!!


  1. That wall color is so pretty! I had a similar color in my old apartment's living room. It was very relaxing :) I love the aqua nail polish too! Perfect spring polish!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Love that color! && I also cannot wait for the warmness to come :)