Monday, February 27, 2012

Target Boodle!

I notice a lot of girls use the word "Haul" to describe their shopping sprees.  Oh don't get me wrong...I love it and I love hearing about it.  I just wanted to use a different word.  So yes...I did a thesaurus search.  The thesaurus is seriously one of the most underutilized tools out there.  So this is what it came up with

  • load
  • loot
  • gain
  • goods
  • spoils
  • swag
  • boodle
  • booty
  • plunder
Most of these sound like I'm a pirate if I use any of them.  I guess it's appropriate since whenever I find myself getting a good deal I run to the checkout waving my arms yelling ARRRRGGHHH!!!!!  With happiness of course.  Argh with happiness.  

So imagine me picking up a prescription at Target (sigh...for my little boo boo's....2 ear infections, 2 kids, 2's been a tough month) and casually walking over to the clearance section in the beauty department.  Do you guys skeeve clearance makeup?  I totally DO NOT.  It's AWESOME!!!  Check out my loot!  Or swag...whatev....

Nothing you see here was over $4.00.  AMAZING!

The first thing I picked up was the mascara, mainly because I desperately needed mascara.  It's Almay and it has a 3 click of full, fuller, and fullest.  I have only used full...and it does the job.  I am going out this weekend to a party so I'll turn it to fullest to let you guys know what the deal is there.

Then I saw this overnight foot cream.  Hey why not.  I just did a bunch of shoe perusing and since spring is coming up, my feet could sure use some sprucing up.  Training for this marathon certainly has done a number on my tootsies and I want them to look excellent for the sun when it decided to peek out!  So far it's been great!  I feel a slight little tingle and my feet definitely feel softer after a couple days use.

Then, as any girl should have this as a basic in their makeup routine, I picked up this Neutrogena sunscreen. However...this claims to have a "matte" finish...and it does!  I would say that this could almost double as a primer!  It's moisturizing and protection and doesn't leave my skin at all greasy.  It creates a nice matte base for foundation!  I think I love it!

This is from the Boots line and it's a lovely shade of sheer red.  Love the polka dots on the cap too!

I got this Burts Bee's hair conditioning treatment.  I have been DYING to get my hair cut since, like, November...and can never find the time and the babysitter's and my hair girl's time to coincide.  So...if I'm going to look like Morticia least my hair can be healthy.  Only 2 bucks people...

I picked up this Rimmel foundation...mainly because it came with this free primer, and because I had a coupon.  Ha!  I'm so cheap.  I'm not partial to foundation, and I guess I only attribute that to not coming across one that I'm like "ohmygodthishaschangedmylifeidon'tknowwhati'ddowithoutthis."  Much like Italian food.  Most restaurants taste great to me...but if you ask me to tell you which is best...I really don't's hard to mess up lasagna....

So that's my boodle, my swag, my haul, my bounty!  You gals score any great deals lately?


  1. I've been meaning to check out your blog for some time now, and I am so glad I did! I am definitely going to keep my eye out for that foot cream at Target. And you've added an awesome word to my vocabulary, Boodle!

    Penniless Socialite

  2. Those are some awesome deals! Target always has excellent discounts in the clearance section, although I'm usually scared to try new makeup!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I love me a good deal! Good job! I got Colgate for 30cents yesterday, and gummy vitamins for Buy One, Get One Free and I had a coupon! Woot! No makeup deals though. I desperately need some mascara too...

  4. I LOVE Target. I just got two pairs of tights for $2.50 each this weekend!

  5. wow, awesome job! I love target and many of the products you found... guess i need to get better at keeping my eyes on those sales!