Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nights Out

One of the great things about visiting my family and friends in California is I get a little break from the kiddos!  I was lucky enough to get 2 nights out with my best girlfriends after my little guy went to bed (with the g-rents making sure he wasn't running around upstairs it's been known to happen).  As it's in the 20's in NJ at night, I wasn't positive how to dress for CA.  The first outfit, with my girl Megan, I think would have been really cute without the tights.  And I can't tell if it's the angle of the camera that's making my legs seem super short, or if it was the mirror I was getting ready in that made me think my legs looked really good.  Anyway...I felt cute in my Grellow colored sweater.  But something about this worked when trying it on at home and then was off when actually putting it into application.  And of course...I didn't have time to really do my hair as it was a bathe-the-little-butt-and-get-him-in-bed-so-I-can-go-out kind of night. But isn't my little Megan so totally adorable?  She is this cute ALL the time....I know...we were roommates once...

The next night I got to go out was with my chicky, Heather.  You guys saw her when I featured her here.  This was kind of an unexpected going out event, so I worked with what I packed in my suitcase already.  It's nothing spectacular...but I felt great!  Easy pieces, worn in a casual way.  And we munched alot and drank the oversized sweater was quite perfect.  And doesn't Heather look fantastic too?  I was loving that scarf she was wearing with the owl print.  If it wasn't tied around her neck, I totally would have stolen it...

And don't you just love the homecoming-esque picture in front of the piano?  It was like my parents go to back drop and prop for when we were little.  Apparently when we are not so little as well!


  1. She who has friends has a great deal of blessings! Sounds like you had fun!

  2. @Teresaurus - I had the best time!

  3. Adorable pics!!! It sounds like you enjoyed it:)

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