Monday, March 5, 2012


Craig and I were supposed to go to a fantastic party on Saturday themed in the best decades ever....the 80's/90's!  Heck yes!  That's  my era, baby!  But...ish hit the fan and we didn't end up getting to go.  First the baby sitter got sick and then when she was better, the dog slipped a disk in her back.  It was so sad.  She kept falling over like a drunken sorority girl because her back legs wouldn't work right.  Poor Pepper.  So I decided, since she IS my first baby ever, I had to stay and keep an eye on her.  So no 80's/90's fun for us.  Which is why I decided to bust out a little best-era-ever fashion today...moderned up a bit.  Considering alot of this fashion is back in style really wasn't hard.

This sweater is from Forever 21 from a couple years ago.  I just love dolman sleeves so that's what initially attracted me to it.  And I got it right after having Hunter...and I just felt that the banded bottom and the dolman sleeves were super forgiving to my post partum figure.  I think it even looks better now!!

Sorry about how noisy these pictures are.  It's fah-reezing outside and I really didn't feel like going jacket less out there.  Anyway.  I don't know if anyone knew this...but I used to be a AVID, nearly obsessive, earring collector and wearer between ages 10-15.  Then I started doing cheer and wasn't aloud to wear them and that obsession faded.  When I was in California visiting my parents not to long ago I got to go through my old jewelry box and found some insane (and some insanely cute) pairs!  This was one of the cute ones.  Seriously!  I bought these just about 20 years ago!  AH!

{My favorite flats...and my favorite little pairs of feets next to mine.  He's between sizes, hence the totally long pants}

The Deets: 
Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Loeffler Randall for Target (about 4 years old
Necklace: Gifted (My 21st birthday present from my parents.  Still a treasured item!)
Earrings: Old...old old old....


  1. Sorry you had to miss the party but this fun outfit is channeling the 80s! I love how you added your earrings from 20 years ago! You can call them vintage now :) Hope your dog Pepper is okay!

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Sharon -
      VIntage indeed! Guess what...They were still attached to the original plastic hanger thing I bought them on. Form where? The Accessory Place. Remember that store?

  2. very cute sweater! that stinks that you missed your party! hoping your dog is doing better!

  3. I adore dolman sleeves - it's like my armpits get a reprieve or something, haha!

    How's the pup?

    1. LOL! That's hilarious! And Pepper's doing better. Still a little wobbly..but able to make her way around.

  4. You look so cute! I totally would have cancelled if my dog were sick, too. Hope she gets better soon! My dog and I send good wishes your way!

  5. Cute! Sadness for having to miss your party though :(

  6. Thank you so much for the puppy well wishes all! She's doing much better, she can't jump yet...but she stopped falling over!

  7. I'm diggin' this top! And I need a close-up on these earrings, too!

    I hope your pup is feeling ok!