Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hairy Tale

Well it happened folks.  After 11 months (yes....E-LEV-EN..) of canceled appointments, being busy with X, Y, Z, and overcoming sickness after sickness...I have finally gotten out to get my hair did!!! AAACCCKK!! And I love it.  It's so much lighter and bouncier and just plain better.  So clearly these picks were taken before the appointment.  Nothing you all haven't seen (unless you're new...then welcome to the madness): Nappy long hair down...or always up in a pony.

For some reason...I feel like a camera dead on does not capture what is actually going on with myself.  Is that weird?  I feel like the picture in the mirror is more what I see myself like vs the camera on my face.  I know, strange.  Anyway...look at me now!

YAY!  Layers!  Bounce!  Health!  Huzzah! Can anyone give me tips to getting my face in focus when doing closeups?  Why does it seem like my camera focuse just a smidge to the left?  Anyway...Let me also tell you a little about where I get my hair done.  You may not believe it.  I go to the Hair Cuttery.  THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS!!!  The Hair freaking Cuttery.  I always go to the same girl (Kelly...what-what....she is AWESOME), but...again...the Hair Cuttery.  This is how I found her.  A couple years back i had a pixie cut.  No joke.  I went to my fancy shmancy $70 a cut salon (not including tip!)to get chopped and whacked at for (what?) 15 minutes.  15 minutes to chop a mane very similar to what I have now into a pixie.  She didn't listen...she changed what I wanted to something SHORTER (I know...than a pixie.  what the....the bangs area was just short and weird and all wrong), and I still had to tip.  I expressed that I was unhappy with the bang part, and she said to some back in a few weeks when it grows out a bit and she'll fix it.  When I did come back in....I HAD TO PAY HER AGAIN.  So 160 bucks, 15 minutes, me no likey.  I never went there again.

As it started growing out more, I just went to the Hair Cuttery down the street and figured I just need it shaped up, until it gets long.  Well I got the worst of the worst there.  My hair was TOTALLY uneven and choppy and it was a BAD cut.  Not like a good cut I didn't was like my 2 year old could have done better. then I went back the next day....and heaven smiling down...there was Kelly.  I walked in, she smiled and said "I knew you'd be back...that was a bad cut."  She saw her co-worker hacking up my hair but isn't allowed to say anything.  She offered to fix it...and spent NINETY minutes on my hair.  It was so bad I basically had to get a pixie again....but that was THE BEST style I've ever had.  She did an amazing job.  OH....and the best part???  She didn't charge me to fix it.  NOT ONE RED CENT.  She fixed another "stylists" mistake and didn't charge me.  From then on she was my girl.  And the cost?  Its a standard $26 for shampoo, cut, and blowdry.  OMG.  I tip her anywhere from $10 to $15 each time because even a $45 cut is a STEAL when she's doing it.  She makes sure she spends time on your hair to get it right.  She's doesn't rush to get you in and out of the chair...and she totally listens.  I. LOVE. HER.  I implore you guys to not settle with your stylist if you are not 100% happy...and do not discount "lower end" places.  I found a gem. She's amazing.  I will stop gushing about her now cuz it has become creepy.

Anyway...hope you guys are having an amazing day.  I am!!!  I feel pretty!!!!  LOL!


  1. Pretty hair! You're right, it's so important to go to someone good. My husband makes fun of me because I've broken up with so many hairstylists. The guy I go to now doesn't really speak English, but I trust him completely!

  2. Your new haircut looks awesome! Love it! I've gone to high end salons and lower end ones and I like the ones that actually listen to what you want done :) And I'm very picky when it comes to my hair!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Looks great! I love a good haircut :)

  4. I like your hair!
    have a nice weekend

  5. U look gorgeous... love the necklace && ur hair...


  6. Oh my gosh crack me up!!
    So I LOVE the hair! So pretty and bouncy! She did an awesome job. And I can't believe that you had that cut at one of those types of places! How awesome that you found a girl :-)
    Seeing your photos totally just got me excited...cause I'm getting my hairs cut next Saturday! So excited. I am also pretty bad about getting in often (it's been about 6 months).

    Can't wait to see what you pull together for the Link-Up on Wednesday!
    XO - Marion