Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fancy Shmancy

So I live in a townhouse in little ol' New that means I pretty much share a porch with our neighbors. And I love them.  Really...I do.  Our kids are all about the same age, they are totally cute, funny, warm, welcoming, quirky, and love our quirks too.  And...they are super chill.  They laugh at me because I find myself taking an electric hedger to our bushes in a sequined shirt, go to the pumpkin patch in heeled boots, or wear a gigantic pearls when running to Joann's. As we see here.  We happened to be leaving at the same time and Shaun says "Wow! Where are you going."  "Joann's..." I which Lia laughs.  "Why... do I look fancy?" "Always" Lia says.

Do any of you get a little dressed up for mundane tasks?  Or maybe throw on some diamonds or pearls just for a trip to the grocery store?  I'd love to hear it!

The Deets:
Sweater: Express
Tank: Old navy
Leggings: Mossimo at Target
Necklace: gifted from mom
Boots: Simply Vera, Vera Wang at Kohls

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