Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinning and Planning

So I'm going to start a little challenge for myself for next week.  I have been pinning and pinning and pinning forever...and it's about dang time I do something about it...don't you think?  I've decided I'm going to take my top 5 pins and use them as inspiration for everyday next week!  It should be fun!  And I'm going to try my hardest to use everything I already own...but I do have a $50 giftcard to Macy's burning a hole in my wallet so we'll see!  Ok so here are the images:

1: I love the bold black and white with the brown going on here.  Plus Kendi is just amazingly gorgeous!  I fail to have brown boots in my we'll see how this one pans out!
Pinned Image
{Via Kendi Everyday}

2: This is such a cozy winter day outfit and perfect for errands or running the littles to school!
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{Via Evoking You}

3: By far one of my favorites.  Perfect for this arctic blast we are having, perfect for running errands, and you can easily wrestle with an 18 month old to get him in his car seat in these shoes.
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{Via Polyvore}

4: Mm hm, mm hm....I know what you're thinking.  Um...did you get you're DIY obsession mixed up with your fashion obsession?  Not at all friends...not. at. all.  I am a designer by trade...and totally believe that the colors and the styles that you are drawn to reflect both in your clothes and your home.  And since I am totally obsessed with our upcoming redesign of our bedroom...I wanted to try and incorporate one of my favorite images for that room into THIS challenge.  EXCITING STUFF PEOPLE!
Pinned Image
{Via Decor Pad}
5: Ad lastly...again with the color.  This one will be tough as i don't know if I have ANY of these colors in my closet...but I love love love the coziness of the yarn. It just screams January to me.  And PS...if you all have not checked out the website Design Seeds yet then you totally need to.  The color inspiration on there is INSANE.
Pinned Image
{Via Design Seeds}
OK!  So that's my challenge to myself for next week!  Not necessarily in the order presented...but it should be fun!  Hope you all stay tuned!


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  1. Oooh! I love this idea and can't wait to see what you pull together. Pinterest is such a fantastic place for inspiration :-)

    And Oh my Gosh! I loved your comment on my post today. You seriously make me laugh each time you comment. THANK YOU!!! :-)
    XO - Marion