Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest Challenge day #5: Bundle Up!

Uhh...snow is coming.  Tonight.  I'm not that excited.  But what I was excited about was me getting to run out to Target to get the boys snow boots in my last challenge outfit!  Mainly because it's the most mom friendly of them all! Here's the inspiration outfit:

Pinned Image

And here's my take on it!

I'll be perfectly honest...I totally like the inspiration pic better.  I just LOVE that green's totally what makes the outfit.  And I'll be honest again...the only thing I bought out of this whole challenge was this vest!  Which I find as a win overall.  And I just can't believe the lack of puffer vests that are out there in January!  Like none!  But bikinis? Sure...found tons of those.  W.T.F.  We're in New Jersey people...merchandise your stores according to area...

Regardless... I now have a fun vest with a great hood...and realize that I need to get a few more colors in my wardrobe.  All my striped shirts are blue stripes, along with blue cardis, blue jeans....see a theme going on here?  One of the great things about this challenge is I can not only see how to wear what I have in different ways...but also HOW MUCH I have of the same thing!  It's great because I've compiled a new list of "what to get's."  But in the added color can come from the lining of this vest...TA DA!

And, if you haven't guessed, I take pics with the self timer.  I know it's amateur...but guess what?  I'm an  amateur!  But no worries I have ordered my remote timer and it should actually be coming today!  Yay!  But this is what happens when you are taking portraits as a mama....

One might initially think that I'm doing one of those "look off camera" shots or a "stare longingly into nothing space" shots....

....when really this little guy wanted to be in the picture.  He gets a major kick out of the camera taking my picture by itself.  This is actually the best way I've gotten him to take pictures with me is to turn on the self timer!

And then somebody else came to join the party!  It was family picture taking fun!  

Happy weekend everybody!  This has been a fun week!

The Deets:
Shirt: Old Navy
Vest: Aeropostale
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Ugg


  1. Oh my gosh - you crack me up! First off, you always win for best comments on my blog. I laugh out loud every time I read them :-)
    Second, lol at your photo with your hood on! So great. And your kids coming into the picture is very cute.

    Love this outfit for a cold day outside when all you need is cozy clothes. The green is cute, however I do really like your navy jacket! The stripes on the liner are a great repetition of the striped shirt.

    Have a great weekend girl!!
    XO - Marion

  2. looks so comfy and warm! Cute pictures with your kids, they are adorable

    Travel in Style

  3. Really cute look!