Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My weekend spending spree!

Alright...yes, yes...I said I was on a spending freeze....but I had some Christmas money...and I couldn't pass up some good deals...so that's still following the freeze rules right?  I'll just tell myself that because it makes me feel better!  Today we are seeing what I found at Kohl's and Target.  I don't normally shop at Kohl's....but the hubs wanted to try it out, and not only did we get killer deals (aka...bigger bang for our buck!), we also got Kohl's cash to spend later (which I did, already!) and they even honored a 15% off coupon that I didn't have at the time of purchase..but brought it back and they said OK!  I will definitely be going back there.  I saw some LC by Lauren Conrad pieces that would be fantastic for spring...but since it snowed here on Saturday...I was realistic and did not invest in those yet!

First things first....the boots that would have worked last week for Pinterest challenge day #2:

These are LC by Lauren Conrad boots from Kohl's...originally $99...on sale for $34.99 plus an additional 15% off.  Genius!  I said this last week, but one of the great things about doing the Pinterest Challenge was that I really got to see what I had and what was NEEDED in my closet..and tall, reasonably heeled brown boots was definitively one of them!  As were black booties that I could wear under bootcut jeans and also look good with skinnies....look what I found at Target:

Don't even get me started on the price of these.  $8. I almost died. Next up...using the Kohl's cash I got this awesome tweed bag (perfect mom over the shoulder so your hands are free to wrangle crazy kid bag) and 2 belts...one being a nice bright yellow! Yay spring!

From Kohl's on the 80% Off clearance rack, a totally adorable leopard print cashmere cardigan.  I debated over this...but the hubs really liked it...and he's not a fashion or shopping dude...so a nabbed it!

And then from Old Navy...this was practically free after a coupon and some rewards points I had...a bright "grellow" (to quote YHL and their take on this color) sweater for spring!  Another thing I definitely needed after the challenge is a variety of color!  My closet seriously lacks it!

I cannot wait to wear all these new pieces and incorporate them into my closet!  And then...in just 2-3 short months...spring should be here and I can hopefully un-freeze my spending freeze again!

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