Friday, January 27, 2012

Playdate Casual

I find that dressing for a playdate with other mom's can sometimes be kind of stressful.  You want to look cute, because, obviously, there are other moms there and you don't want to be the shlub, but you also have to have something that moves, doesn't show boobs when you are bending down, pants that are not low rise so when you are getting down to kid level to discipline them your arse crack isn't showing, and shoes that you can run in.  My go to's are definitely solid basics (and black is always good in case of spills...including happens to me nearly on a daily basis) with pops of bright and fun accessories.  And although my hair is super crazy long for me and I'm totally jonesing to get in chopped off, I started experimenting with a few ways to liven up my basic ponytail.

Oh and side note...I just got the remote for my camera and this was my first attempt at using it...and of course the little dude was super curious.  I let him hold I can officially say that HE took this picture of us.  Proud  mama...


  1. You are pretty much the cutest thing ever! Seriously - I wish that you could tell moms everywhere about dressing appropriately to cover the "arse crack"!
    And I am loving this look especially the beautiful and unique!
    Have a great weekend friend!
    XO - Marion
    PS - I pretty much fell out of my seat laughing at your comment on my post today! At least you had the excuse of being 6 years old :-)

  2. Cool scarf!

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  4. He's so cute! LOVE the tie dye scarf! I've been looking for one for Spring.

    From Brooklyn with love,