Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Day #2

I'm only on day 2 of this little challenge and I have to say...I'm having so much fun!  I'm finding things in my closet that I never knew I had, just by seeing them in a new light!  I took inspiration from the totally cute fashion blogger Kendi (from Kendi Everyday) wearing this outfit

Pinned Image

After searching through my racks...I think I was pretty successful!  I totally forgot that I had this striped dress (it was from pre pregnancy with Jagger so I really hadn't thought about it) and it worked perfectly for this outfit!  I nixed the scarf because the dress had a pretty cute cowl  that I liked.  The boots would be better if they were higher for me, but I still liked my little ones.  And I had to do tights...there was no way around it.  I don't know if you can tell...but it was 19 degrees out when my husband took this picture.  I threw off my jacket and he snapped a few pics before my cheeks turned too red.  Even though I'm looking super cute...he couldn't help but curse the blog for making me make him stand in the cold!  :)

The Deets: 
Blazer: Target
Dress: Express (old)
Boots: Madden Girl
Belt: Target
Bag: Coach


  1. Love this look!! I am a huge fan of anything with stripes :-) How cool that you forgot you even owned this dress!
    XO - Marion

  2. Adorable striped dress...love how you styled it!

  3. Love the blazer Lani! Big fan of the smart casual look and got to admit, slightly jealous of your coach bag :P

  4. Hi! SO cute. I also love Kendi. You pulled it off! I didn't know that Pineterest had style challenges! :)
    - The Fashionable ESQ