Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workout Wear

I've kind of constantly been in workout clothes lately because I am training for a marathon.  Yeah...I know...I'm totally insane.  No I've never run a half,a 10k, a 5k, or even a 1 mile fun run.  I've never ran more than 2 miles at one time before training for this...but I'm just an all or nothing, dive head first into a pit of broken glass kind of girl.  So I'm going for it!  But I thought I'd show you just some of my go to workout gear for these cold winter days (because I do run outside). Oh...and I should say...that I treated myself to this Nike hooded sweatshirt after I ran my 9 mile training run...because now I feel legit!

The Deets:
Sweatshirt: Nike
Pants: Old Navy, Christmas present from my husband ( legs stay warm...even in 20 degree weather which is what I ran in this day)
Headband: Target (a knit headband is a must for freezing ears)
Sunnies: Mossimo from Target

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