Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to de-pill a top

1) Find that one of your staple items has ugly pills all throughout the armpits.  Picture looks better than real life.
2) Steal your husband’s/boyfriend’s razor….you wouldn’t dare think of using your own would you?  Cah-razy!!
3) Lay your top flat and slowly “shave” your shirt.  Be very careful not to snag the material.  Hold taught by putting your hand in the sleeve if you must. 
4) Wash razor or replace head when done.
5) Place razor back where you found it and no one is the wiser!  Just don’t let husband/boyfriend look at the pics on your camera before you have a chance to download them.  And when they ask you with shock and dismay if you used their razor to shave your shirt’s armpits….deny, deny, deny.  “Oh honey…you know I just take pictures of crazy things…because I’m know I’m crazy.”  Side note…the more you say the word “crazy,” the crazier you sound…so they start thinking that it’s valid.
6) Enjoy your like-new shirt that you can keep wearing forever! Pennies saved….

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  1. eh, what the husband doesn't know, or even kinda knows, but doesn't really know, can't hurt him. ;)