Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Momma

Happy Monday y'all!!  Today I wanted to do my first feature, as I am seriously cold and lazy and laying around in my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and jeans today with my boys.  Who are also in their sweatshirts and jeans.  It's a hot chocolate, finger painting, and crafting kind of day.  Mainly because of the weather, but also because of my training for a marathon (what? crazy insane lady) I ran 13 miles this week and today is my rest day and i am doing so in every sense of the word!

So today I feature my gal pal Heather.  She is a stay at home mom of one little boy, who is crazy...and cool...and also crazy cool.  She shares my love of design and all things stylish.  She also runs her own invitation/paper goods company called Paper Monkey, and you should visit her etsy shop because she has some insanely cute goods up there.  All this, and she still has time to throw together a great outfit on a tight gotta love that!! 

This dress was a total OOO and AHHHH for both of us, as you know we share "should I buy this" texts all the time...and we were both concerned about the horizontal stripes...but Pa-POW and WOW!  Doesn't she look great?
The Deets:
Dress - Old Navy, $39
Cardigan - Target, Merona, $10
Tights - Missoni for Target, $16
Boots - Target, Mossimo, $20 on clearance.
Earrings - Italy street vendor

Necklace - Gifted Kate Spade necklace (from someone!!)

This mom is sexy on a stick, no?  Any of you have an item that is traditionally taboo (like horizontal stripes) that turns out super fab?  Throw any outfits together that just make you feel amazing?  Thoughts for relieving sore muscles after a long run?  I'd love to here them all!!!

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