Monday, December 26, 2011

Kudos and the LIST..

I don't know how you girls do it.  Day after day I see inspirational outfits posted up with beautifully taken pictures.  How DO you DO IT!  I looked great on Christmas Eve if i do say so myself...and did ONE person take a picture of me?  No!  And then I ate way to much and there was no way after that I was getting my pic taken.  Hello, bloat! So kudos to you!! I aspire to be just like you!

So now is the time of the season where one starts looking ahead to the New Year, and of course...THE LIST.  This year it's a variation of the same know, work out, get organized, eat right, save money.  Aren't those on everyone's list?  I've decided to go a different route though and get a little specific.  Here goes:

1) Run a Marathon (aka: workout): I've been a runner for awhile, but not so much since my kids were born.  Lately I'm just running after people vs. running for enjoyment.  So this year I plan to run a marathon to get my butt moving again!

2)Re-design bedrooms and living room (aka: get organized): first of all...I've been sick of our "just moved it" look to our house...even though we've been here for 6 years.  So it's really hard for me to get motivated to organize my space if the space is undesirable.  So my goal for this year is to redesign these 2 spaces, the spaces I live in the most, and be sure to incorporate ample storage and organizing tactics.  What those are I am not sure of yet...or else I would probably be more organized now.

3) Cook 6 out of 7 days of the week (aka: eat right): It is just SO easy to order out after a long day...but this year I'm making a POINT to cook the majority of the week.  This is definitely to eat healthier, but it's also part of the "lose weight" and "Save Money" goal.  Speaking of which

4) Go on a spending diet (aka: save money): Yes...I am going on a spending diet.  It's so easy to spend money and just not that easy to make it.  So I (we) are going on a diet.  I am not to buy ANY non necessities...but I will allow for date nights with the hubs (I think those are important) but limit it to a movie, or an inexpensive dinner.  And of course, birthday for the kids.  But clothes, jewelry, shoes ( heart is breaking!!!!!) will be on a strict strict budget.  Even our re-designing the house will be closely watched.  I'm hoping that this will bump up our savings and our checking and then next year we can go crazy!  Just kidding.

So with that last resolution in mind...this bloggy blog will feature a little segment called "Work what you got."  Because OBVIOUSLY....that's what I will be having to do!!  It should be a great way to motivate me to really LOOK in my closet to see how I can wear something differently or in a new way.  I'm excited!  It's exciting!  Let's all get excited!!!!  More exclamations makes it even more so...

Anybody have any other resolutions they want to share?  Maybe a different way of looking at them to be sure to obtain the goal?

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